Late Collection of Children

Late Collection of Children

It is expected that all families will adhere to the operational hours of 6.30 am to 6.30 pm and in accordance will not bring their children nor collect them later than these times. If for any reason you believe you will be collecting your child later than 6.30pm you need to organize an alternative person to collect your child and notify the Centre. You may authorize a person to collect your child by telephoning the centre and should produce the authorization in writing when next attending the centre. In the event of unavoidable delays as per the Children’s Services Regulations two staff must remain on duty with the child at all times, and a late fee is charged to cover the cost associated with overtime payments for these staff.  The late fee is charged at $2.00 per minute.

If parents are 10 minutes late in collecting their child and have not notified the centre, the following telephone numbers will be rung until the child’s parents or an authorized person is able to collect the child

  1. The child’s home
  2. The parents/guardians work
  3. The emergency contacts

If a child has not been collected after 1 hour and no persons are contactable the Director will phone

  1. The local police
  2. The after hours number of Department of Human Services