Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

There are many ways in which you can become involved in your child’s Centre, and you are invited to participate as much as you wish and are able, according to your own needs, interests, opportunities and time constraints.

We recognise that by definition, parents are very busy people and we do not want to impose further pressures on your life, only to ensure you are aware that involvement in a variety of forms is welcome.

In accordance with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Frameworks, we recognise that parents are an integral part of our community and constantly seek input to review and evaluate the philosophies, goals and procedures, programs and curriculum of the Centre so that we continue to meet the needs of all those involved in the Centre. 

If any parent wishes to raise any issue or contribute in any way to the program, please leave your suggestion with the co-ordinator or senior staff, so that it can be addressed promptly.

The Centre hosts social and curriculum events for parents throughout the year including a “Welcoming” Picnic, Grandparents or Special Persons Week, School Readiness Information Session, Parent/Teacher Interviews, Kindergarten Graduation Evening, Christmas Family Picnic, Informative Guest speakers on topics of parent’s choice and fundraising events such as Party Promotion Night, Trivia Night, a Shopping Trip etc.


Benefits of Parent Involvement

The centre implements an ‘open door’ policy inviting and welcoming parents at all times to participate in daily experiences such as joining in your child’s birthday celebration, attending excursions as a parent helper, story reading, cooking group, playing and instrument sharing a special talent or skill and so on. Your child will enjoy having Mum/Dad/ Grandparent visit the centre for a special treat, and observing their environment, meeting their friends and teachers, and gaining a deeper understanding of his/her world, which can be an enormous confidence booster for your child. Parents wanting to visit the centre for any period of time are asked to make arrangements with your child's Room Leader.  This procedure is aimed at ensuring we avoid having too many adults in the room at any one time, as this can be over-whelming for some children.